Version 2.1.0 Release Notes

  • coefs now returns coefficients for categorical variables
  • added multigroup function and analysis
  • Changed contact e-mail to new affiliation
  • Fixed bug with KRp and lmerMod models with intercepts
  • Fixed bug with getOLRE and single observation-level random effects glmerMods
  • Fixed errant parantheses in rsquared leading to bad values for lme

Version 2.0.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed bug with partialCorr and negative correlations returning wrong P-value
  • Fixed with coefs and standardization with mixed models

Version 2.0.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed bug with KRp and uneven sample size
  • New warning issued when NAs present in the dataset
  • Added Gamma distribution to rsquared
  • Fixed bug to determine whether graph is cyclic
  • Fixed bug thowing errors with calls to lmer
  • Fixed bug creating errors with objects fit using lmerTest
  • Added pkgdown website

Version 2.0 Release Notes

New syntax

  • All functions have been re-written from the ground up
  • Incorporates new psem function and S3 objects
  • All necessary information can now be obtained with a single function summary

Updated R[2] functions

  • Extends to new distributions and model types using a single function rsquared

New standardization procedures

  • Implements range standardization for all response types
  • Adds multiple forms of standardization for binary responses, see ?coefs


  • Removed sem.plot function
  • Removed sem.lavaan function
  • groups= argument is currently broken but will be fixed in version 2.1 (see doc)